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By first years, do you mean grade 1 children who are 6 years old? That seems a little early to start sex education. In my school, we didn't begin until grade 7/8 (age 13).

I do believe it is beneficial to discuss these things when it's the right time (around puberty), and it seems like the sex ed curriculum is very lacking in information as it is. I'm in Canada, and they mainly focused on anatomy, reproduction, and STDs. Gay and Trans topics seem to be barely touched, if at all.

I'm really curious about how the UK is going too far with these things (I'm sorry, I don't know much about what goes on in Britain). It doesn't surprise me that most of those girls are saying they like girls, as sexual fluidity is very common in females. I don't see the harm in crushing on both genders or one gender, as that's common for adolescents (heck, I used to crush on guys too!) They're figuring out who they are, what they like, and what they don't like. If they are not actually lesbian or bi, they will figure that out on their own with time, and if they are, great!

I don't mind using they/them pronouns, especially if it helps someone feel validated and comfortable. Sure, it may not be something we are familiar with at first, but we can easily get used to it (and, contrary to an argument I hear often, the words can be used in a singular form). There are more chromosome combinations than just XX and XY, not to mention gender norms are a social construct (they change from culture to culture and from different time periods.. did you know high heels started off as a masculine accessory?).

It can be confusing for children, but going through puberty itself is confusing and unavoidable. I believe it is a lot more confusing to grow up thinking something is "wrong" with you for being attracted to the same sex, as opposed to knowing both are a possibility and finding where you fit into it. I also think discussing LGBTQ+ topics more decreases the amount of bullying targeted at LGBTQ+ youths.

I agree with you, women are very good at foreplay, romance, and seduction. One of the many things I love about them! :)

If I'm being honest, I didn't kiss anyone until I was 22 (I think?). It was a guy, and I didn't like it. I'm 24 now, almost 25, and I still haven't kissed a girl! (I'm in a long distance relationship, so I'm eagerly awaiting that day). I think we have an idea of what/who we like in our minds based on what we imagine, who makes us sweaty and stumble over our words, and who we fantasize about being with. Attraction does go beyond aesthetic attraction though, which is what you have for girls, and what I have with guys. :) (as in, finding someone hot doesn't always mean they are a good romantic/sexual partner for you to have).

I think that teenagers figuring themselves out in High School/College is a lot better than figuring it out 10 years after being in a heterosexual marriage, which they only got into because that was what was culturally expected of them and they had repressed their true desires/self so much.

Thank you for your comment and sharing your perspective with me, I really appreciate it!

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