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Oh, how I wish my closeted self knew then what I know now

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The following points are not reasons why I am attracted to women (I did not choose my sexuality), rather, these are some of the things I am grateful for regarding my existing attraction.

No Traditional Expectations

Since lesbian and gay relationships have been discouraged for centuries, there’s been no time for gendered traditions/expectations…

Plus some fan-made tributes

Thirteen and River Song. Source: BBC

JASKIER From The Witcher (Netflix)


If you’ve heard from The Witcher fanbase, you’ve probably also heard of Geraskier: Geralt and Jaskier’s ship name.

Queer fans of the show easily identified Jaskier as queer and picked up on the romantic undertones within the two men’s friendship — even though the showrunner denied it, saying…

No, you’re not asking for “too much”.

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In a culture where hyper-independency is expected and co-dependency is discouraged, the line between “asking too much” and “expecting too little” can become blurred.

Personally, I’ve found myself questioning if I was asking too much of my partners, or if my expectations were perfectly reasonable, more than once. Being someone…

Plus Some of the Most Memorable Games of Each

SNES: Picture by Kevin Roden on Pixabay

#10: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) (1990)

This was the third Nintendo system ever released in North America, after the Game Boy and the NES (or the fourth, if you consider the Game & Watch series — or ‘The Exterminator’ — an official console), and it quickly became the most popular 16-bit gaming system of its time…

Writing a Realistic Villain for Your Protagonist to Conquer

Picture by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

Antagonists are some of the hardest characters to create, as their evil deeds need to have motives that makes sense, along with their more cynical worldview.

Antagonists who are evil for the sake of being evil often don’t resonate with readers — especially if you want to create empathy and…

Plus some fan-made tributes

John’s Bachelor Party. Source: BBC

Queer coding is the subtextual coding of a character in media as queer. Though such a character’s sexual identity may not be explicitly confirmed within their respective work, a character might be coded as queer through the use of traits and stereotypes recognizable to the audience.’ — Wikipedia definition



Part 3: Plus 3 Exercises You Can Do

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In the previous parts, we covered how to create distinguishable personalities for your fictional characters. This included their family origins, environments, predispositions, interests, traits, flaws, and motives. Now that you know what your character is defined as, you can begin to brainstorm how to reveal that identity through showing, which…

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