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Oh, how I wish my closeted self knew then what I know now

Picture by Mahrael Boutros on Unsplash

The following points are not reasons why I am attracted to women (I did not choose my sexuality), rather, these are some of the things I am grateful for regarding my existing attraction.

No Traditional Expectations

Since lesbian and gay relationships have been discouraged for centuries, there’s been no time for gendered traditions/expectations to form. This is why people so often try to label us, asking, “so, who’s the man/woman in the relationship?” to make sense of the gender roles they are familiar with in heterosexual relationships.

Homosexual relationships, thankfully, are not like this:

  • The “woman” does not take the “man’s” last name…

No, you’re not asking for “too much”.

Picture by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

In a culture where hyper-independency is expected and co-dependency is discouraged, the line between “asking too much” and “expecting too little” can become blurred.

Personally, I’ve found myself questioning if I was asking too much of my partners, or if my expectations were perfectly reasonable, more than once. Being someone who has been labelled as a door mat, a pushover, anxiously-attached, and co-dependent, I’ve often found myself confused regarding what I have the right to ask for in a relationship. I have been left wondering if I should just fulfill the need on my own — is that what I’m…

Plus Some of the Most Memorable Games of Each

SNES: Picture by Kevin Roden on Pixabay

#10: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) (1990)

This was the third Nintendo system ever released in North America, after the Game Boy and the NES (or the fourth, if you consider the Game & Watch series — or ‘The Exterminator’ — an official console), and it quickly became the most popular 16-bit gaming system of its time.
Some of its more notable games include:

  • Super Mario World (1990)
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1991)
  • Final Fantasy V (1992)
  • Dragon Quest V (1992)
  • Super Mario Kart (1992)
  • Star Fox (1993)
  • Donkey Kong Country (1994)

Sadly, this console comes in last place for me, since…

Writing a Realistic Villain for Your Protagonist to Conquer

Picture by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

Antagonists are some of the hardest characters to create, as their evil deeds need to have motives that makes sense, along with their more cynical worldview.

Antagonists who are evil for the sake of being evil often don’t resonate with readers — especially if you want to create empathy and pose a moral dilemma — as they tend to be unrealistic and can easily fall flat. People don’t go around causing havoc for the pure “joy” of it… usually.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a well-written masochistic antagonist with psychopathic tendencies, such as Moriarty from BBC Sherlock. Such villains…

Plus some fan-made tributes

John’s Bachelor Party. Source: BBC

Queer coding is the subtextual coding of a character in media as queer. Though such a character’s sexual identity may not be explicitly confirmed within their respective work, a character might be coded as queer through the use of traits and stereotypes recognizable to the audience.’ — Wikipedia definition


The show writers unquestionably queerbaited their fanbase while creating this series (but I’m not sure if I’m mad about it). From as early as episode 1, the tension between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson was apparent. Here are some of the clues (get it?):

  • Sherlock tried very hard to impress John…

Part 3: Plus 3 Exercises You Can Do

Picture by Gioele Fazzeri on Unsplash

In the previous parts, we covered how to create distinguishable personalities for your fictional characters. This included their family origins, environments, predispositions, interests, traits, flaws, and motives. Now that you know what your character is defined as, you can begin to brainstorm how to reveal that identity through showing, which is far more effective than telling. In writing, you can reveal a personality through their speech/voice, mannerisms, and appearance.

It can be challenging to avoid throwing your own narrative tone into every character’s voice — projecting your personality onto them — which results in them all sounding and acting similarly…

Elisa & Marcela and Anne Lister & Ann Walker

Elisa and Marcela (Married in Spain, 1901)

Elise and Marcela, photographed by José Sellier Loup

Elisa Sánchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas were a Spanish lesbian couple who met at school in A Coruña in the 1880s, where Elisa worked and Marcela was studying. It was not difficult for others to pick up on their immediate chemistry, but same-sex relationships were taboo at the time. Marcela’s parents eventually found out and sent her away from her blossoming romance to a school in Madrid, Spain. They were separated for almost ten long years, never forgetting each other.

After Marcela’s studies were done, she was given a teaching position in Dumbría. Her new home was within walking…

A Bias Opinion Based on The CW TV Series: Spoilers Ahead

Clarke and Lexa: picture from

I recently finished watching the final season of The CW series The 100 and, like many others, was not a huge fan of how things ended. It was so disappointing and.. strange.. that if I were to ever re-watch this series, it would only be to once again experience Clarke and Lexa’s too-short love story.

When Lexa died I — along with many others in the LQBTQ+ community — was devastated. Producer Jason Rothenberg said on TV Insider:

“Lexa’s death triggered real emotional trauma for some people … It tapped into the real world, it tapped into their lives, and…

Featuring a picture of myself as a gay child

Picture by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I’ll preface this article by saying that I’m not against the idea of people “coming out.” Yes, it would be lovely to live in a world without any heteronormativity; where people could feel comfortable saying “I really like this girl at school” nonchalantly instead of timidly saying “I’m a lesbian” after suppressing it for years in fear of a bad reaction or being forced into conversion therapy (which is worryingly still legal in a lot of North America).

Sadly, most of the world is still catching up with even legalizing same-sex marriage (Imagine trying to keep apart two people in…

Part 2 of How I Opened My Print on Demand Store + Shop Optimization, Sales, & More

*Complete part 1 before reading part 2.

Now that you have your design complete and your product prepared, you need a platform to publish it on! In this post I’ll show you how to set up your Etsy shop step-by-step. This includes linking it to your Printify account, optimizing your new shop, editing a listing, creating mockup images, and much more.

Let’s dive right into it!



Open an Etsy account using your print on demand business e-mail.
On your new account, click “sell on Etsy,” and then “open your Etsy shop.” …

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